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Vasaka Powder

Vasaka Powder

$ 8.00

Vasaka is tremendously aid worthy in treating peptic ulcers, rheumatisms, cough and bronchitis. It is also extremely helpful in normalizing piles, bleeding gums and tuberculosis.

  • It is extremely beneficial in conditions like asthma and productive cough and bronchitis.
  • It has bronco-dilatory and antitussive properties.
  • It is helpful in treating ulcers.

Direction for use:Consume approximately 3 grams of powder, 1-2 times a day for best results.

Caution:Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume herbal products on the advice of a healthcare practitioner.


Health tip:Avoiding extremely spicy food when affected with piles or peptic ulcers is very important. Too much spicy food can worsen them. It also affects cough and may cause inflammation. So it is better to eat plain and healthy food when affected with such.